Audit logs

Keep the record straight
Establish a clear, chronological record of user activities with real time log monitoring capabilities. Enhance your organization’s security and accountability with EnterpriseTube.

Filterable results

Make searches relevant by filtering results down to the desired metrics.

Detailed insights

Monitor information like usernames, IP addresses, time, actions performed, and more.

Restricted access

Audit logs are only viewable to only specific user roles.

Downloadable reports

Export your reports and download them in PDF and CSV formats.

Identify and resolve issues faster with real time audit logs

Heighten internal security

Strengthen your organization’s security strategies with EnterpriseTube. Gain valuable insights to help boost the cyber security measures.

Use detailed audit logs to monitor access attempts and content modification to help avoid data misuse and mitigate potential security breaches.

Maintain a robust risk management strategy

EnterpriseTube’s audit logs help you implement your incident response and crisis management strategy in the event of data breaches or compliance violations.

Thanks to detailed audit logs, you can identify potential risks such as unauthorized access and data exposure while tracking the responsible individual’s IP address.

Ensure regulatory compliance

Enable your organization to comply with various government and state regulations. Use an enterprise video platform that helps you navigate the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Use EnterpriseTube’s audit logs to keep meticulous records and demonstrate regulatory compliance. Comply with regulations that require maintaining activity logs like FINRA, HIPAA, and more.

Prevent internal frauds

Protect your enterprise content management platform from malicious actors and internal threats. EnterpriseTube’s audit logs help act as a line of defense against these risks.

Track digital trails down to the source of suspicious activity. Shine a spotlight on potential wrongdoing with clear, concise logs that deter others from fraud.

Enhance data integrity

Protect your enterprise assets with by ensuring data validity and accuracy. Use audit logs that give you a comprehensive and chronological record of every interaction or alteration with the file.

EnterpriseTube helps you maintain your enterprise assets safe by helping you trace error-prone and corrupt files back to the source.

Foster a culture of accountability and responsibility

Monitor the actions of employees and individuals who use your enterprise platform. EnterpriseTube helps bring in a culture of accountability to your organization.

Use audit reports to show details of actions performed by users along with their IP addresses. In case of any unauthorized changes and accesses, hold them accountable and promote a culture where no changes go unnoticed.

Implement better data security practices with EnterpriseTube audit logs

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