Custom security policy

Your enterprise, your rules
Keep your videos and other digital media files safe in a way that works for you. EnterpriseTube’s custom security policy lets you define how you want your portal and organizational files to be accessed across the board.

Viewing access

Set specific viewing rights for media and files on your very own Video CMS.

Portal visibility

Keep prying eyes away from your portal to mitigate the risk of unauthorized access.

Join request

Auto-approve or manually allow users to be a part of your portal.

Customizable settings

Fine-tune each aspect of your security policy on a granular level to ensure customized data protection.

Ensure the right eyes see the right videos

Simplify viewing access

Create a simplified and seamless viewing experience that doesn’t compromise security. Define who can view media and files uploaded on your portal.

Whether it’s users from your organization or external viewers, you can take individualized security measures that can be further refined with user roles and permissions.

Run your portal on stealth mode

Take security limitations one step further by hiding your portal entirely from view. Restrict access by ensuring it is only accessed through its URL, and only registered users can see it in the listing.

Create a secure and private environment for your enterprise assets and ensure only the right people can access it.

Share with care

Fine-tune your sharing settings to ensure that content only gets to the intended audiences.

Allow the sharing of your media and files either with specific viewers and viewer groups in the portal or anyone outside the portal. You can even choose to allow sharing with anyone using a link.

Hand out participation rights

Elevate engagement with EnterpriseTube’s participation rights. Make your content an interactive and dynamic experience for intended users.

Give organizational, external, and anonymous users the power to comment, like, mark as favorites, and actively participate in quizzes, surveys, and more.

Choose from presets

Need to set up security policies on the fly with minimal tinkering? With EnterpriseTube’s selectable default configurations, you can.

Choose from a set of security presets based on standard organizational requirements. Take the burden off IT administrators by picking between Public, Internal, Restricted, and Hidden presets.

Customize settings to your liking

If your security requirements aren’t addressed in default templates, you can implement tailored security policies that work best for your organizational needs.

Get down to details and tweak individual settings for media viewing, portal access, user join requests, participation rights, manual user additions, and more.

Map your access

Go beyond simple blacklisting/whitelisting permissions by tailoring access on a global level.

Permit, restrict, or limit access to your portal and media from specific geographical locations based on preset locations, latitude and longitude coordinates, or IP subnets.

Exercise domain authority

Maintain individualized security measures and keep unwanted join requests to a minimum with domain restrictions.

Block or allow specific email domains from registering on the portal. You can also set up a display message to communicate policies, guidelines, or reasons.

Secure your enterprise platform with a personalized custom security policy

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