Geo restrictions

Geo-fence your content
Restrict your media access to specific locations by using geographical access controls that filter out users based on their pinned location, IP address, subnets, and more.

IP restrictions

Filter out groups of users by specifying the IP address.

GPS restrictions

Pinpoint the exact location of restricted/allowed users with latitude and longitude coordinates.

Location presets

Restrict predefined locations such as countries, states, cities, and towns.

Allow/deny filters

Whitelist/blacklist specific locations using allow, allow only, and allow except rules.

Target the right audience with geo-restrictions

Global content restrictions in a few clicks

Simplify the process of placing geo restrictions on your content and portal. With minimal effort, you implement powerful restrictions on user access locations to abide by content licensing, copyright laws, and more.

Select from a list of predefined locations that filter down from countries to states, cities, and towns. You have the freedom to fine-tune how broad or specific you want your restrictions to be.

Restrict using GPS coordinates

Create your global content access strategy with precise location pinpointing using GPS coordinates. Get down to the precise details of where you want or don’t want your content to be accessed.

Simply add the latitude and longitude of the locations you want and watch your content restriction strategy unfold in real time.

Restrict using IP addresses

Need to block and allow content within the same locations? You can segregate your content filtering using IP-based restrictions.

Define the start and end IP addresses or start IP addresses with the 32-bit subnet mask. Keep access locations independent, even if they fall within the same building.

Organize your restricted locations

Prevent a clutter of restricted locations that are hard to search through. Keep everything organized and reach your targeted audiences with ease.

Use public lists to define broad location-based restrictions like entire regions, and use private locations to define specific departments, sites, office locations, and more.

Pick out restrictions on a map

Don’t want to mess around with intricate coordinates or puzzling IP addresses? No worries. You can effortlessly set targeted restrictions by dropping a pin on the map.

Navigate the globe, drop a pin, and elevate your enterprise video platform’s security strategy with simplicity and unmatched accuracy. Unleash the power of precision in content control.

Take command with allow/deny filters

Specify your rules for geographical access controls on a granular level. Choose whether you want to allow defined locations or restrict them with easy-to-use filters.

Pick between options like allow all, allow only, and allow except. You can even opt to disclude your portal’s managers and administrators as part of your restriction rules.

Customize restricted zones

Give your restricted areas a personal touch by naming them and adding simple descriptions.

Make your locations easily searchable, and use the description to provide precise reasons for blocking or allowing each location.

Implement regional content restrictions now

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