SSO support

Integrate security with simplicity
Say goodbye to password-related chaos! EnterpriseTube’s single sign-on (SSO) support offers enhanced security. Unlock easy access, enhanced security, and simplicity.

One-click authentication

Escape the complexities of managing multiple credentials with single-click authentication.

Multi-provider integration

Streamline authentication with a range of providers, including Azure AD, Okta, Ping, etc.

Custom attribute mapping

Add custom fields, like username, email, and more, to validate users through SSO.

Secure content embedding

Insert media on external websites while guaranteeing secure access to the content.

Test it out: Experience the power of SSO firsthand!

Address password fatigue

No need to remember multiple credentials. Ensure a seamless login experience and embrace a new era of accessibility with SSO authentication.

Get rid of the hassle of defining password length complexities and password reset request notifications landing in your system.

Ensure effortless user provisioning

Facilitate hassle-free user provisioning for every modification, like promotions, terminations, hires, and transfers with system for cross-domain identity management (SCIM).

Define rules for users and groups and automatically grant them the necessary permissions based on one of the predefined roles in the system.

Synchronize groups seamlessly

Ensure seamless alignment with your organizational units, effortlessly mapping employees to designated user groups with single sign on integration.

Keep the information of your users and groups in sync with your directory. One set of users can log in with directory services, and others can use IAM or third-party providers.

Fortify video assets

With one set of credentials, providing or restricting access to multiple applications is a breeze! Administrators can secure all digital assets and the overall environment within clicks.

All featured SSO providers within EnterpriseTube heavily invest in fortifying their services. Hence, users get a reliable and secure experience backed by industry-leading solutions.

Save time, boost productivity

EnterpriseTube SSO ensures streamlined access, saving valuable time for your team. Eliminate the need for recalling and entering multiple logins, reducing login times, and enhancing overall productivity.

Minimize the impact of failed login attempts, ensuring uninterrupted, seamless workflow and optimal efficiency.

Stay compliant, stay secure

SSO authentication providers’ offerings are compliant and well-documented, and they regularly update their security policies to ensure protection from ongoing and potential threats.

EnterpriseTube SSO adheres to global, government, industry, and regional compliances, providing robust data protection.

Try a secure enterprise video platform with extensive SSO support

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