Automatic transcription

Transcribe your media in a flash 

Simplify your transcription workflow with EnterpriseTube’s automatic transcription. Effortlessly generate and edit transcripts on the fly, translate them into dozens of languages, and seamlessly integrate them as closed captions.

Automatic transcription

Generate automatic audio transcription in over 40 languages for your media.

Automatic translation

Automatically translate your generated transcripts into over 50 languages.

Closed captions (CC)

Add closed captions (CC) to your videos automatically.

Automatic speech recognition

Automatically label transcripts based on which person is speaking.

Transcribe videos instantly with EnterpriseTube’s video to text transcription solution

Get to the meat of meetings with automatic transcription

Forget the hassle of constantly having to take down meeting notes. EnterpriseTube lets you generate an automatic transcription of your recorded meetings, interviews, lectures, and more so you never miss out on any talking points.

Use EnterpriseTube’s automatic video transcription to generate transcripts of all your video and audio files instantly.

Reach multilingual audiences

Enable global reach for your content, no matter what language your audience speaks. EnterpriseTube allows you to break language barriers and engage with your viewers the world over.

Automatically translate generated transcripts for your media in over 50 languages.


Find media files using spoken words

Can’t find that one video or audio file, but remember what was said in it? EnterpriseTube lets you find it within your video library using Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

Search through your portal and find media files instantly by typing spoken words in the search bar and jump straight to the part where they were said.

Generate captions for your media

Unusual phrasing in the audio? Too much technical jargon? Speakers talking too fast? Overwhelming crosstalk? Say goodbye to incomprehensible audio and say hello to EnterpriseTube’s automatic transcription and closed caption capabilities.

With just a few clicks, you can automatically generate closed captions (CC) for your media so your audience never misses out on a spoken word again.

Edit your transcriptions quickly

Forget the hassle of having to redo or re-upload transcriptions for your media. EnterpriseTube lets you edit your transcriptions without the need for any additional software.

Simply tweak and fine-tune your transcriptions right from the transcription pane and have your adjustments reflect immediately.

Accessible media for all

Leave no viewer behind and accommodate the needs of everyone in one place with EnterpriseTube. Meet broad accessibility needs with automatic transcript and closed captions generation.

Adhere to the highest accessibility standards by complying with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Seamless media transcription with EnterpriseTube’s automatic transcription capabilities!

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