EnterpriseTube capabilities
Where video meets vigor

Elevate your video experience with a range of features engineered for your organization’s video-intensive operations.

One platform, limitless possibilities

Lecture capture

Capture anything from the power of your device

Customizable video player

Adjust the HTML5 video player according to your preferences

Multi-stream view

Watch up to four videos at a time with multi-stream view


Convert videos into multiple renditions for ease of playback

Live streaming

Live stream to a large audience present anywhere

Content delivery

Experience low latency streaming with eCDN

Adaptive bitrate streaming

Play uninterrupted videos even when the Internet is acting up

Video library

Make videos accessible on a centralized platform


Play videos anytime, anywhere at your convenience

Video search and discovery

Search for videos and use-in video search using AI


Enjoy videos and digital media in 255+ file formats

Video hosting

Host video content and digital media reliably at scale

Video content management

Manage videos and digital media on a centralized platform

White label video platform

Add your logo, fonts, theme, colors, and more

Desktop application

Sync media on your desktop with the online platform

Video storage

Store videos on a scalable enterprise video platform

Data encryption

Encrypt your data to prevent it from hackers

Custom security policy

Enforce your own security policy according to your requirements

Upload restrictions

Prevent users from uploading malicious file extensions

Role-based access control

Define user roles and privileges to ensure data integrity

Geo restrictions

Whitelist and blacklist IP addresses for more security

Audit logs

Keep an eye on every activity performed inside the platform

Limited sharing

Share temporary links with URL tokenization

Media embedding

Allow or deny other websites to embed your digital media

Password protection

Password-protect your media for more security

SSO support

Only let authorized users get into your platform

Automatic login timeout

Revoke user access to the platform after a certain time​

Domain restrictions

Prohibit users with certain email domains from entering

Engagement trends

See total views, completions, time played, and more

Content interaction data

Check the number of likes, comments, shares, and more​

Frame-by-frame analysis

Stop each frame to analyze the video and make decisions

Interactive video

Insert quizzes, survey forms, and handouts in video content

User-level analytics

See how each user interacted with your media

Top media analytics

See which video or media is performing the best

Media accessibility

Transcribe and translate content with AI for far outreach

Automatic transcription

Transcribe audio from media files automatically in over 40 languages

Audience analytics

Know top locations, devices, and browsers of the audience

Interactivity trends

Visualize content interaction statistics with time-series data

Audience interaction

Add in-video quizzes, survey forms, and handouts


View analytics data on heatmaps visually

Load time data

See the average load time of your videos

Third-party integrations

Integrate with customer analytics apps, collaboration tools, and more


Store all your content in one place, automate existing processes with AI, and enable smooth video playback and live streaming.​

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Protect content through encryption, password protection, and SSO, and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

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Get actionable insights on your media performance, see each frame for details, and engage with your audience for instant feedback.

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Change the portal according to your brand guidelines, enhance utility with third-party integrations, and add a new marketing channel.

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The art of managing art

Become the modern-day Picasso of enterprise video content management

Host videos and digital media on a centralized platform

  • Hit the ground running with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform.​
  • Supports multiple file formats encompassing videos, audio, images, and documents. We’ve lost count
    after 255.
  • Create collections and video playlists to organize content.

Save your precious time and scarce resources with AI

  • Search for videos through spoken content, tags, speakers, and objects in the video.​
  • Automatically generate closed captions in 25+ languages using automatic speech recognition (ASR).​
  • Translate spoken content in 40+ languages for greater outreach.

Stream videos live and on-demand seamlessly

  • Stream live and on-demand to a large audience present anywhere.
  • Experience unstoppable playback when the Internet quality drops using adaptive bitrate streaming.​
  • Enjoy buffer-less, low-latency streaming with enterprise content delivery network (eCDN).

The private key to video success​

Keep ’em guessing how to intrude into your enterprise video platform

Hush the hackers away from your highly-exclusive data

  • Protect data with NIST-recommended encryption standards and password protection.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to your platform with single-sign-on support (SSO).​
  • Enforce your own security policy for the media platform.

Share your exclusive content with exclusive people

  • Share temporary links to your content with URL tokenization.​
  • Collaborate securely with others with a six-level role-based access control mechanism.​​
  • Gatekeep your content with geo-restrictions and allow or deny websites to embed your media.

Evade the consequences of costly compliance failure

  • Adhere to data privacy standards with a secure media library.​
  • Comply with CCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, FIPS, and other compliances.​
  • Hide PII and sensitive information from videos and digital media with redaction add-on.

Every frame tells a story

Get to the bottom and uncover what’s covered in the video

Support your decision-making with video analysis

  • Capture the nitty gritty details with frame-by-frame analysis to make informed decisions.​
  • See the average load time of your videos and plan to optimize your video content accordingly.
  • Annotate videos by adding details for other users to see.

Gain actionable insights to improve your video ROI

  • Interpret data obtained from media analytics with visual dashboards.​​
  • See where your content is being accessed with geographical heatmaps.​
  • Create your buyer personas and ideal customer profiles by analyzing your audience behavior.

Get to know your audience better by interacting with them

  • Engage with your audience with live chat during live streaming.​
  • Interact with your viewers by adding quizzes, survey forms, and other resources inside the video.​​
  • Generate qualified marketing leads by inserting lead generation forms inside the video.

The video portal to a new dimension

Enter the realm of possibilities with your enterprise video portal

Showcase your brand identity to your audience

  • Add your company logo, fonts, theme, and colors to your platform.
  • Change the look and feel of your media library with cascading style sheets (CSS).​
  • Deliver messages consistent with your brand by updating the thesaurus on your platform.

Integrate seamlessly with third-party applications

  • Integrate video conferencing apps and add recorded videos.​​
  • Streamline data for video ROI through integration with customer analytics platforms.​
  • Empower cross-functional teams by integrating with collaboration tools.​

Maximize the utility of your enterprise video platform

  • Host your content on an SEO-friendly enterprise video platform. ​​
  • Add support for multiple languages to reach a wide audience.​​​
  • Take full control of the video player template and customize it your way.


What is an enterprise video platform?

An enterprise video platform is a platform used by businesses to host, manage, secure, and share videos and digital media.

How EnterpriseTube leverages artificial intelligence (AI)?
EnterpriseTube uses AI to expedite content search, generate closed captions, translate content, and search within videos.
What are the supported file formats in EnterpriseTube?

EnterpriseTube supports 255+ file formats. The list of supported formats can be found here.

Does EnterpriseTube come with deployment options?
Yes, EnterpriseTube can be flexibly deployed on-premises, on the cloud, hybrid (on-premises + cloud), and as a SaaS offering.
Does EnterpriseTube offer multilingual support?

Yes, EnterpriseTube supports 40+ languages. The list of supported languages can be found here.