Engagement trends

Stay in the loop with engagement trends
See how your videos are gaining traction among users with video content engagement metrics, such as total impressions, views, and completions, as well as time played on the leading audience engagement platform.

Total impressions

Map user interaction patterns and know how many users landed on the playback page.

Total views

Know the total number of media views by registered and anonymous users.

Total completions

See how many users stayed till the very end of the video.

Time played

Track the overall time spent by all users watching your videos.

Put data to good use – See video analytics software in action

Get insights in real time

Take advantage of video engagement trends that reveal trending user behaviors in real time.

Narrow down to specifics by looking at total impressions, total views, total completions, and time played with specific video content engagement analytics.

Visualize engagement data

Get granular engagement trends presented in the form of visual time-series charts offering you a glimpse of the highs and lows of video content engagement levels.

See video content engagement trends visually on a holistic reports dashboard that is easy on the eyes so that everyone gets the data right.

Analyze your live streams

Look closer into how successful your live streams are in garnering the attention of your audience and hooking them to their screens.

Make the most of highly detailed live media analytics by evaluating engagement trends even when the stream is going in full swing.

Create custom reports

View video engagement reports for a specific time by applying filters for the current and previous periods or a custom date range, whatever suits you best.

Choose what to show or hide in engagement trends from total impressions, total views, total completions, and time played.

Download engagement reports

Export video content engagement reports in the widely used CSV format to apply further data analysis of how users are engaging with your videos.

Leverage video engagement analytics to apply various statistical and data visualization models suited to your organizational needs and goals and for external sharing with stakeholders.

See video-level trends

Evaluate the performance of specific videos by seeing the engagement trends for each media file available on the leading audience engagement platform.

Decide whether to repurpose your video accordingly or simply know which video is performing the best in terms of engagement.

View user-level analytics

Zero in on engagement trends by viewing the user activity summary inside EnterpriseTube’s reports dashboard.

See which users engage the most or the least with the videos and assess their performance based on the engagement metrics.

Increase audience engagement with data-driven analytics

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