Video content management

Store, navigate, organize, optimize
Say hello to the future of enterprise video content management! Effortlessly store, manage, and share your content with unrivaled security and open up a new world of engagement and analytics.

Centralized video library

Store videos in a centralized repository to ensure enhanced content accessibility.

AI-powered video search

Search for spoken content, tags, speakers, objects, and more in the video.

Industry-standard security

Keep content safe with encryption, IP and domain restrictions, and more.

Role-based access control

Set user roles with pre-defined permissions for content access management.

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Organize content how you see fit

Video content management has never been this easy. Host your media on a user-friendly platform. Clear the clutter by organizing content together in playlists and collections.

Navigate your desired content easily using folders, tags, and filters. Upload, view, edit, and delete content with ease and make user groups to define who can do what.

Ready to play — Anytime, anywhere

Experience the freedom of on-demand playability. Enjoy your hosted media with seamless playback, on-site or on the go.

Host a wide range of media in 255+ formats and make it playable on various devices. Make your content accessible to all viewers.

Smooth playback, swift content delivery

Don’t let distance and network issues distort the viewing experience! Invest in a video content management system that ensures bufferless playback without interruptions.

With EnterpriseTube, you can enjoy low-latency on-demand and live streaming with content delivery networks (CDNs) that bring your content closer to you.

Engage your audience

Foster intuitive engagement with your media through likes, comments, Q/As, quizzes, surveys, and more.

Explore valuable insights with user-level analytics, including location-based heatmaps, top-performing media, preferred devices, browsers, and more.

Lightning-fast video search across your entire library

Are you having trouble finding a needle in a haystack? Make your searches more precise with EnterpriseTube’s elastic search.

Find that one video you’re looking for using metadata, spoken words, tags, speakers, objects, and more. Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to search videos based on the text that appears within them.

Manage multiple portals under one roof

Are your video content management efforts going in vain due to a large user base? No worries. Run multiple portals and accounts under one deployment to meet diverse user needs.

Serve different departments, regions, or business divisions under one administration. You can enable autonomous billing, security, content segregation, branding, and administrative policies for each portal.

Keep media secure

Prevent your content from being compromised, whether it’s unauthorized access or a cybersecurity breach. Add layers of security with encryption, password protection, multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, and domain and IP restrictions.

Need to keep an eye on things? Monitor every action on your portal through detailed audit logs that track viewed content, app setting changes, user uploads, deletions, and more.

Share your content with others

Who gets access to your content? You decide. Define sharing, viewing, editing, and uploading restrictions with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and custom security policies.

Share media outside your portal by embedding it on websites or through limited share links that expire based on time and view limits.

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Enterprise video content management like never before

The 4 Es of EnterpriseTube experience


Manage video content and other digital media in 255+ formats on the go from an easy-to-use, intuitive platform.‚Äč


Add quizzes, survey forms, and handouts to engage with the audience and eliminate the screen as a barrier.


Make data-driven business decisions with actionable insights from granular media analytics to see media performance.


Harness the power of AI to expedite media search, search within video, and automatically generate closed captions (CC).

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