Lecture capture software

Present yourself — and your screen
Get your message across in more ways than one. EnterpriseTube’s lecture capture software lets you make your video recording more engaging with virtual backgrounds, noise suppression, screen sharing, webcam feed, and recorded voice.

Virtual backgrounds

Remove visual distractions with blurred, predefined, or custom backgrounds.

Noise suppression

Eliminate background noise by minimizing noise picked up by your microphone.

Video editing

Polish your videos by trimming unwanted parts or clipping them.

Interactivity features

Add in-video handouts, quizzes, and forms and encourage engagement.

Reach your true potential with EnterpriseTube’s lecture capture software

One-click lecture capture

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple audio and video streams with our powerful digital video recorder. From recording to syncing and editing, everything can be handled within one centralized dashboard.

All it takes is a click to start recording your webcam, screen, and microphone simultaneously for a fluid screen and video recording experience.

Show, don’t tell

Provide visual context to your audience by sharing your screen with your digital video recording. Get your point across by running your display side-by-side with your webcam feed.

Seamlessly switch between screens on the fly and navigate between different screen shares to present your content.

Set the scene with virtual backgrounds

Prevent background distractions and unsuitable recording environments from putting your video recording into disarray. Keep the attention on you, not your environment.

Take center stage by applying full or partial blur to your surroundings or replacing them entirely with a set of predefined background templates or even a custom image of your choice.

Suppress noise, silence distractions

Is background noise drowning you out? Use noise suppression to ensure crystal-clear audio delivery to your audience.

Effectively minimize unwanted noise and background music picked up by your microphone. Keep your audience focused on your message.

Simplify lecture capture

Meet your video recording needs for lecture capture with a toolbox of necessary features best suited to your organizational or institutional needs.

Capture, record, stream, edit, and manage your content all in one place without the need for any additional digital video recorder. Make effective learning and demonstrative content that reaches the heart of your audience.

Monitor your content’s impact

See how your content affects audiences in real-time with media analytics that give you a complete picture of the impact you make.

Get an idea of your content’s performance with analytics for views, impressions, completions, interactions, time played, demographics, and more.

Encourage participation

Go beyond passive consumption and foster active interaction with your content.

Transform your videos into an interactive experience by adding in-video quizzes, annotations, forms, and document handouts. Test your viewers’ knowledge, ask for feedback, or provide additional resources.

Make your content accessible to all

Don’t let your audience feel left out. Create an inclusive experience for all viewers so everyone can enjoy your video recording.

Add automated transcripts in 40+ languages, translate into 50+, and incorporate closed captions to comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, making your content universally accessible.

Securely share your content

Expand your reach by sharing your content with others without fear. Embed your video recording to any website or use limited-share URLs that expire based on time and view limits.

Refine access further by assigning predefined user roles and restrictions in the secure video recorder with customizable permissions that empower you to dictate specific actions.

See what makes EnterpriseTube’s lecture capture software special!

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