Limited sharing

Share videos with complete peace of mind
Make sure your content ends up in the right hands with limited access sharing. Share one or multiple files with internal or external users, giving them access to view, edit, share, and more.

Viewing rights

Allow users and external viewers to view media and files uploaded on your portal.

Editing rights

Authorize your users and external viewers to edit the content uploaded on your portal.

Temporary URLs

Share media with tokenized URLs that expire based on time or view limits.

Download rights

Empower users to download files and media, whether it’s one or multiple.

Ironclad security for your video assets!

Secure viewing simplified

Don’t make restricted content sharing any more complicated than it needs to be. Give complete or restricted access to internal and external stakeholders, depending on their duties and responsibilities.

You can also apply time and date duration for availability and expiration of the viewing access automatically.

Refine, revise, rework

Empower users to do more than just view the content; leverage them to make amends within the enterprise video platform if the need arises.

Give internal and external users the power to edit transcriptions, add custom attributes, clip media, publish, reupload, and much more.

Instant notifications, immediate action

Don’t want your users to miss a vital access update? No worries, keep them in the loop by setting up email notifications.

Once you grant internal or external users viewing, editing, or publishing access, they’ll get pinged by an email notification informing them of their access with further instructions on how to get it.

Only for your team’s eyes

Enjoy limited sharing capabilities for your organization by granting viewing, editing, and publishing permission for your employees only and no one else.

Whether it’s one user or a group of them, you can set specific access permissions to help segregate different employees, teams, and departments under one portal.

Give outside access

Struggling with sharing media with someone not part of your portal or your organization? We’ve made it easy.

Select the media files you want to share and invite someone to access them by either entering their email address or generating a tokenized URL that expires based on time and view limits.

Keep the chain going

Besides yourself, give selected users the ability to pass on limited sharing permissions to others.

Continue the chain of controlled, collaborative, and secure content distribution within your organization.

Stay informed

Is your portal crowded with too many users? EnterpriseTube makes it easy to keep track of who does what and when on your enterprise video platform.

View and download detailed audit logs that track every activity on your portal. From media interactions to setting adjustments, user additions/deletions, or more, maintain chronological records for comprehensive oversight and management.

Collaborate with everyone — securely

Open the doors to inclusive collaboration on your portal, welcoming contributions from all corners—whether part of your team or not.

Engage with interactive annotation and commenting capabilities that foster a sense of teamwork and creativity in a protected space.

Take control with secure media access: Explore limited sharing today

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