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Adaptive bitrate streaming

Make your live streams run smoothly, even when the Internet connection is shaky.

Content delivery network

Reach a global audience with a robust enterprise content delivery network (eCDN).

Interactive live streaming

Interact with your viewers with live chat, Q&A, FAQs, and social media feeds.

Video streaming analytics

Gain insights into how the live stream performs with heatmaps, trends, and more.

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Go live in a matter of minutes

With the live streaming software, hosting a live event is straightforward. All you need to do is define interactive features, live source, event agenda, and more.

Specify the encoder and the publishing point, schedule the live stream, and preview it before it airs to address any highlighted issues.

Keep gatecrashers miles away

Host your live stream on one of the top streaming services that emphasizes data security with a host of access management features.

Protect your feeds with the best-in-class encryption technologies, password protection, secure media embedding, setting the media expiry period, and more.

Stream with no limits

Reach a global audience with EnterpriseTube’s scalable live streaming solutions, powered by several features, including content delivery networks and adaptive bitrate streaming.

Ensure universal live streaming on all devices, thanks to the adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming that keeps the stream going.

See the impact with video streaming analytics

Delve deeper into how your live event fares among the audience by getting granular insights into the performance of your live stream.

Get live, real-time live stream analytics regarding the engagement data, user-level analytics, heatmaps, top devices, browsers, and more.

Connect deeply with interactive live streaming

Make your live streams more engaging by ditching one-way communication and interacting with your audience in real-time.

Introduce interactive features like live chat and show Twitter and Yammer feeds. Answer all potential FAQs regarding the topic and encourage your audience to send in their queries.

Showcase your brand

Create a live stream on a white label live streaming platform and reinforce your corporate brand identity in the minds of your viewers.

Add the logo, fonts, colors, thesaurus, and custom URL; apply custom CSS and customize the player according to your requirements.

Share the stream securely

Securely embed RTMP stream in web pages through our live streaming platform to hook a large, varied audience with a host of sharing features.

Enable secure media embedding on websites and share links of your live stream with internal and external users.

Manage recorded events

Record your live streams and securely store them for on-demand viewing by those for whom they are intended.

With powerful features like role-based access control, URL tokenization, and more, managing access is pretty straightforward, ensuring content is accessed by authorized users only.

Create your live streaming server

Build a live streaming server in accordance with your requirements by setting up the encoder and the publishing point.

Create a dedicated live streaming server that can handle the load of your large audience and bandwidth issues with the best-in-class streaming technology.

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The 4 Es of EnterpriseTube experience


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Add quizzes, survey forms, and handouts to engage with the audience and eliminate the screen as a barrier.


Make data-driven business decisions with actionable insights from granular media analytics to see media performance.


Harness the power of AI to expedite media search, search within video, and automatically generate closed captions (CC).

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