Password protection

Shield your data with password protection
Amp up your security with password protected videos to ensure the protection of your content, keeping it away from prying eyes on our secure video platform.

Uphold your content privacy with password protected videos

Share without fear

Worried about unwanted parties accessing your content using shared media links? Want to protect video content from prying eyes?

Despite having the link, users can not view the content without inputting a valid password. Generating unique passwords for each video further enhances data security.

Restrict access to media

Grant media access to specific users, ensuring it gets viewed by those it is intended for. Use passwords to protect video content and digital media to maintain exclusivity.

This granular level of control ensures that only authorized parties can access certain content, significantly reducing the risk of data theft and disruption.

Add a layer of encryption

To take security levels further up a notch, besides securing videos with passwords, layer them with military-grade encryption on our secure video platform.

Worried about sharing your media with external users? Don’t worry, as password protected videos and digital media are encrypted using AES-256 encryption.

Protect intellectual property

Secure your intellectual property from any potential data breaches with password protected videos. Prevent unauthorized access and sharing by ensuring confidential media remains with the intended parties.

Rest easy knowing your content remains protected from cybersecurity threats so that you can focus on what really matters — creating impactful videos.

Password protect your media with our secure video platform

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